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Hiring Domestic Couples

For some families, the ideal household staffing arrangement means hiring a domestic couple. Almost always married couples, the traditional roles of these positions have stayed constant over the years.  Experienced in working together in fine homes or on estates, they work as a team. Customarily, they are live-in and the responsibilities are delineated by male and female roles.

The female duties include maintenance of the inside of the residence, including housekeeping, laundry, ironing, household errands and cooking. The male duties include all exterior maintenance of the property, the heavier housekeeping duties inside the residence, and some gardening and handyman duties. They may work as part of a larger domestic staff or be your primary household employees.

They should have an agreeable manner, a calm demeanor, the ability...

How to Hire a Laundress

When you have a need for someone to take special care of your clothing, linens, and other fabrics beyond simply laundering, or you have a large estate or family, a laundress is an excellent addition to your home’s staff.  Experienced in the care of fine fabric and clothing, her duties include washing, hand washing, ironing, pressing, stain-removal, maintenance of closets, picking up of dry cleaning and minor clothing repairs.

A professional laundress will be familiar with luxury brands of clothing and linens as well as the fabric care products and tools required to care for them. For example, she will know how to use a rotary iron, a steamer, and other specialized equipment as well as be familiar with the brands and use of top quality laundry care products....

Hiring a Private Chef

Meals are not only important opportunities for you to connect to your family and friends, but they are important for maintaining optimal health. You care about the health and nutrition of your loved ones so choosing someone to prepare your meals with love and care is one of the most important household staffing decisions you’ll make. Because proper meal preparation is essential, you must hire a private chef that can meet the nutritional and dietary needs of your family and fit into your lifestyle.

Also called cook, recipe cook, and personal chef, the private chef is always professionally trained and experienced in the preparation of most cuisines.  Trained chefs are responsible for all nutrition, menu planning, and preparation of household meals for family, guests, and any dinner...

Hiring a Professional Nanny or Mother’s Helper

When it comes to the care of your children, especially by household help like a nanny or mother’s helper, it’s critical that you make the right choice. You must ensure the physical safety and emotional well being of your children, especially when employing caretakers from outside your family to engage in child care duties in your Atlanta area home. Hiring the right individual to care for your youngsters requires much consideration. Many families hire a nanny or mother’s helper because they, unlike babysitters, which are usually teenagers that work part-time and are not childcare professionals, are highly experienced professionals whose primary responsibility is child care. Their duties typically includes meal and snack preparation, children’s bedroom and clothing maintenance, car pools, driving children to after school activities, assisting with homework, and overall...

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