Hiring a Professional Nanny or Mother’s Helper

Hiring a Professional Nanny or Mother’s Helper

When it comes to the care of your children, especially by household help like a nanny or mother’s helper, it’s critical that you make the right choice. You must ensure the physical safety and emotional well being of your children, especially when employing caretakers from outside your family to engage in child care duties in your Atlanta area home. Hiring the right individual to care for your youngsters requires much consideration.

Many families hire a nanny or mother’s helper because they, unlike babysitters, which are usually teenagers that work part-time and are not childcare professionals, are highly experienced professionals whose primary responsibility is child care. Their duties typically includes meal and snack preparation, children’s bedroom and clothing maintenance, car pools, driving children to after school activities, assisting with homework, and overall safety of children.

They are long-term caregivers, unlike a baby nurse, which is a temporary child care professional that specializes in infants under six months old.

And most nannies and mother’s helpers are loving, nurturing individuals whose goal is to take care of your children as well as you would. They would never dream of harming your children and by using the right hiring process, you and your children can have the most positive outcomes possible.

But, no matter how loving they will be toward your children, to fit into your home, a nanny or mother’s helper still needs to meet unique requirements to be successful in providing the care your children need. So, ask yourself some questions about what you need in a nanny beyond what you’ll want to pay them, what hours they’ll work, what their basic duties will be, or if they will live in or not. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do they need to speak particular languages?
  • Will they provide any educational support and should they have a specific background?
  • Do they have to understand special physical, educational, or dietary needs?
  • What kind of personality do they need to have to fit into our home or our lifestyle easily?
  • Will they travel with us?
  • Will they be comfortable working around family pets?
  • Can they support our family’s values?
  • How will I monitor this individual while they are in our home?
  • Will they be required to work with other staff to care for our children?

Do your best to identify any questions or issues you have in hiring a nanny or mother’s helper for your children. But, once you do, how do you hire the ideal nanny or mother’s helper to care for your children? After all, this individual may be spending as much time in your home and around your children as you do and you must be able to trust them implicitly. To employ the nanny or mother’s helper that is best for your home and family, your best option may be to partner with a qualified, experienced domestic staffing agency to help fill this key role to your Atlanta area home or estate.

When you contract with an agency to help you hire the right household workers, it’s important to hire a professional household staffing firm with many years in the business and familiarity with your area and type of residence. They must have experience helping place the right nannies and mother’s helpers in the right Atlanta area homes. Make sure they actually meet in person and thoroughly background check each candidate.

Be certain, too that they verify references and carefully check them, check the candidate's work status in the US and are able to provide drug and health screenings, as requested.  See if they provide additional specialized training to prepare the domestic staff they place to work in your home.

In your initial contacts with the agency, ask questions that will allay your concerns and don’t be afraid to be honest and candid. Your home, children, and belongings should be safe when placed in the hands of an experienced, professional nanny or mother’s helper  and the staffing agency you choose should have a multi-step hiring process to assure that.

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