How to Hire a Laundress

How to Hire a Laundress

When you have a need for someone to take special care of your clothing, linens, and other fabrics beyond simply laundering, or you have a large estate or family, a laundress is an excellent addition to your home’s staff.  Experienced in the care of fine fabric and clothing, her duties include washing, hand washing, ironing, pressing, stain-removal, maintenance of closets, picking up of dry cleaning and minor clothing repairs.

A professional laundress will be familiar with luxury brands of clothing and linens as well as the fabric care products and tools required to care for them. For example, she will know how to use a rotary iron, a steamer, and other specialized equipment as well as be familiar with the brands and use of top quality laundry care products. With expertise in storage, seasonal organization and closet inventory, she can organize your closets in a manner that makes locating your clothing and accessories easy. She frequently will be responsible for other housekeeping and even child care duties, as well as dealing with vendors and working with other household staff.

Whether full-time or part-time, they become an important part of your Atlanta area home, particularly if they are conducting child care duties. They must be pleasant and have a personality that fits your lifestyle and values. They must work well around children, pets, other staff, and, depending on their duties, vendors and guests to your home or estate.

Therefore, you want to make sure you choose the right person to fill this role. They must be professional trained or highly experienced in order to care well for your luxury clothing, linens, and your home, if that is part of their job. You need to be certain they have a clean background with no criminal history, are legally able to work in the US, proficient in English, and have verifiable references.

The best way to make certain you hire the ideal laundress for your home is to partner with a reputable, qualified, experienced domestic staffing agency to help you fill this role in your Atlanta area home or on your estate.

When you contract with an agency to help you hire the right household workers, it’s important to hire a professional household staffing firm with many years in the business and familiarity with your area and type of residence. When you contact them, ask questions that will allay your concerns and don’t be afraid to be honest and candid.  Your home, family, and belongings should be safe when placed in the hands of an experienced, professional laundress and the staffing agency you choose should have a multi-step process to assure that.

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