What We Do

Locke Domestic Agency was created when founder Deloris Locke realized Atlanta families couldn’t get true professional domestic staff. Instead candidates took domestic positions because they had no other marketable job skill – they became a housekeeper, maid, or nanny. Our goal was to standardize the industry and provide domestic staff who enjoyed their work and looked at it as a career. Recruiting great staff is only accomplished by knowing the domestic industry and what families are looking for in their home.

Locke Domestic Agency focuses its placement services on the Metro Atlanta area. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering excellent results among Atlanta’s finest families and homes, and can bring that same level of service to you. Our clients rely on us to efficiently provide high quality, dependable staff, which saves them time, money, and energy when it comes to keeping their homes running smoothly.

Locke Domestic Agency will work closely with you in defining the specific requirements for your home and family.

Your family information and job description will be the guidelines used in selecting the appropriate candidates for your position. You will receive all vital material on each potential candidate, allowing you the opportunity to review each one, and select those you would like to interview personally. We will set up all interviews for you and the candidates; most interviews are conducted at your home.

If you choose to hire a particular candidate we will help you establish a start date for your free two-week trial period. This trial period will be extremely beneficial, giving you and the candidate an opportunity to decide if you would like to move forward with permanent employment.

Offering full service domestic placement is only part of the job.

Deloris Locke believes that matching candidate skills to a family is important, but equally important is matching the personalities of potential candidates to that of the family. She knows that for a truly successful working relationship, clients have to like the people that are working in their home, For this reason, Locke Domestic Agency invests a great deal of time getting to know its clients and candidates. Locke Domestic Agency is unparalleled in making placements that last. We would love the opportunity to serve you.