Chef / Travel, Live-out, Full-time, Atlanta, GA

New Position. A very well-known public figure is currently looking to hire a full-time personal chef.  There are four essential abilities you must possess to be considered for the position.1. the ability to work a very flexible schedule. 2. Fully understand the accountability of discretion. 3. Extensive knowledge of food nutrition and 4. Hold a culinary degree with the previous experience of working in a private residence.

The chef will be tasked with the full responsibility of the kitchen and it’s day to day operations.  All things which happen in the kitchen is your domain.  This includes kitchen tools, food purchases and stocking, cleanliness, guests, vendors or staff.   Daily cooking duties will include creating and preparing the weekly menus, staying within the Principal’s food guidelines and nutrition.  The expectation is all food purchased will be organic and fresh.  Meals to be prepared are breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.  Food will also be requested for Principal’s private air travel along with any attending guests.  Principal does entertain with the occasional weekend dinner party.  These are not last minute gatherings but well planned on the calendar weeks in advance; dinner parties are once per month.  This role will also require frequent travel to the Principal’s other properties throughout the US.  Accommodations will be provided when traveling.  The Principal is based out of Atlanta and retains a fully staffed residence.

To be considered please submit resume with menus.  Principal is only seeking local Atlanta candidates with private home experience.  At least 4 years of experience is required as a private chef with the ability to speak with former Employers.  Will be required to submit to a background and credit check.

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