Estate and Property Manager / Live-out, Full-time, Atlanta, GA

Pending Buckhead family with several properties and homes in Georgia is seeking an experienced Estate Manager to oversee the successful operation and maintenance of their primary Atlanta estate. This is a new owner and new residence so position will eventually evolve to include managing two other properties.  A successful long-term career in Estate and Household Management is required.   This is not a clipboard job.

Scope of the position: Complete oversight and management of Atlanta residence.

Hire, schedule and manage all third-party vendors for routine maintenance, repairs, renovations, special projects and landscaping, working within set budgets.
Daily walk through of the estate’s interior and exterior to ensure all systems are functioning properly and identify any potential infrastructure or grounds issues.
Create and maintain household manual.
Supervision of all domestic staff.  Including hiring, training and monitoring performance.
Coordination and administration of events and parties
Working closely with Employers to handle private matters including their correspondence, household accounts for payroll and personal errands.
Manage all family auto maintenance along with a large car collection.

The candidates that will be considered need to have a proven record of running the interior and exterior of an estate.  Also required is experience and hands on knowledge of training and supervising domestic staff.  Proficiency in smart home technology and excellent computer skills, PC and Mac.

Temperament needed for this family is a proactive leader, great communicator, highly organized with a hands on approach.  Flexibility of schedule is required.  Work stability is very important to this family.  Also, they want to exhaust their search in the Atlanta market before considering any out of state resumes.

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