Domestic Couple / Full-Time / Live-on property, South Georgia

Position Placed.  Lovely family is seeking to replace their long time Employees of 30 years who are retiring.  This is a working farm in South Georgia.  Positions they are hiring for is a domestic couple with experience to assist with providing daily services to the family when they are in residence.  If you prefer a much slower pace of life and love rural country living, this will be an excellent position.  The farm is 90 minutes outside of Atlanta in a very small, out of the way little town.  This is a low-key family who mostly visits the farm on weekends.

This position consists of very traditional roles where the gentleman will perform handyman, gardening, valet and serving duties and the lady will be in charge of housekeeping, laundry, cooking and serving. There are other staff members including a Farm Manager, farm helpers and a part-time housekeeper.  Cooking is very important for this position, so above average cook is preferred.

Offsite housing will be provided.  There will be an overlap to work with the retiring Employees to assist familiarizing new couple with the residence and property.   Qualifications required:  First and foremost, minimum 4 years of experience working in private service and second MUST love living in the country.  Only candidates with strong references and recommendations will be considered.   If interested, please upload you resume.

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